Sunday Sessions – Getting ready for the week ahead

Does anyone else love being productive on Sundays?  I find that getting ready for the week ahead on Sundays and taking time to relax helps me feel a lot better about the week and it gives me time to figure out what I need to do.

For a while, I used to make the most of my weekends by being out all weekend and then it would get to Sunday night and I would realise I haven’t washed my uniform or I was meant to print something out and we don’t have any ink… this made me feel stressed and it wasn’t how I wanted to start my week.

Now I like using Sunday as a day to slowly get back into the week. My day usually consists of doing the washing, eating clean, relaxing and taking a bath, cleaning my room, maybe squeeze in a quick gym session and probably a nap.

I start the day by making my bed and cleaning my room (usually ends up being the only day I make my bed haha), putting my laundry in the wash. I do all of this almost straight away then it gets it out of the way and I have the rest of the day to do as I please. Today I didn’t have anything planned so it has been a very relaxing day. It was also raining, so it was nice just to chill at home and not have to go anywhere.IMG_2294

My washing is done so I have a uniform ready for work tomorrow, I meal prepped last week so I have lunch and dinner organised for the next couple of days and my room is clean.

Having all this done and the week hasn’t even started is a great way to go into the week. I feel relaxed and I still have time to do this for myself.



I’m not saying you have to spend every Sunday getting ready and missing out on doing things, but I just find that if I know I have a busy week I like to keep at least Sunday afternoons free so I am not in a rush to get things done.


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